Interface ParamConverterProvider

  • public interface ParamConverterProvider
    Contract for a provider of ParamConverter instances.

    Providers implementing ParamConverterProvider contract must be either programmatically registered in a JAX-RS runtime or must be annotated with @Provider annotation to be automatically discovered by the JAX-RS runtime during a provider scanning phase.

    Marek Potociar
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      • getConverter

        <T> ParamConverter<T> getConverter​(Class<T> rawType,
                                           Type genericType,
                                           Annotation[] annotations)
        Obtain a ParamConverter that can provide from/to string conversion for an instance of a particular Java type.
        Type Parameters:
        T - the supported Java type convertible to/from a String format.
        rawType - the raw type of the object to be converted.
        genericType - the type of object to be converted. E.g. if an String value representing the injected request parameter is to be converted into a method parameter, this will be the formal type of the method parameter as returned by Class.getGenericParameterTypes.
        annotations - an array of the annotations associated with the convertible parameter instance. E.g. if a string value is to be converted into a method parameter, this would be the annotations on that parameter as returned by Method.getParameterAnnotations().
        the string converter, otherwise null.