Class SseEventSource.Builder

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    public abstract static class SseEventSource.Builder
    extends Object
    JAX-RS SseEventSource builder class.

    Event source builder provides methods that let you conveniently configure and subsequently build a new SseEventSource instance. You can obtain a new event source builder instance using a static factory method.

    For example:

     SseEventSource es =
             .reconnectingEvery(5, SECONDS)
    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        protected Builder()
        Allows custom implementations to extend the SSE event source builder class.
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      • reconnectingEvery

        public abstract SseEventSource.Builder reconnectingEvery​(long delay,
                                                                 TimeUnit unit)
        Set the initial reconnect delay to be used by the event source.

        Note that this value may be later overridden by the SSE endpoint using either a retry SSE event field or HTTP 503 + "Retry-After" mechanism as described in the SseEventSource javadoc.

        delay - the default time to wait before attempting to recover from a connection loss.
        unit - time unit of the reconnect delay parameter.
        updated event source builder instance.
      • build

        public abstract SseEventSource build()
        Build new SSE event source pointing at a SSE streaming web target.

        The returned event source is ready, but not connected to the SSE endpoint. It is expected that you will manually invoke its method once you are ready to start receiving SSE events. In case you want to build an event source instance that is already connected to the SSE endpoint, use the event source builder method instead.

        Once the event source is open, the incoming events are processed by the event source in an asynchronous task that runs in an internal single-threaded scheduled executor service.

        new event source instance, ready to be connected to the SSE endpoint.
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