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Jakarta EE 10 (released)

Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan

The Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan is now available! During the span of Jun 2021 - Aug 2021, the plan was created, discussed, reviewed, and amended by the Jakarta EE Community and the Platform Project. On Aug 24, 2021, an official ballot was approved by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee. On Aug 31, 2021, the Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan was officially recognized by the Jakarta EE Steering Committee.

A Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan FAQ has also been created to help clarify aspects of the Release Plan.

Individual Component Release Plans

The key goal of the Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan is to continue the evolution of the Jakarta EE Platform. Most of the component Specifications that make up the Platform and/or Web Profile are planning either a major or minor version update for Jakarta EE 10.

Individual component Specification release plans have been developed by the respective Specification projects.

Jakarta EE 10 schedule

Overall schedule dates are tentative and subject to change.

Jakarta EE 10 Project board

Jakarta EE 10 will track its development progress with a Github Project Board.

The Jakarta EE Release repo may be used for Issue tracking across the overall project. For example, the Milestone/Release Candidate API artifacts are tracked in this repository.

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