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Jakarta EE 11 (work in progress)

Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan

The Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan is now available! During the span of Jun 2023 - Aug 2023, the plan was created, discussed, reviewed, and amended by the Jakarta EE Community and the Platform Project. On 2023-08-30 and 2023-09-06, a official ballots were approved by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee. On 2023-08-30 and 2023-09-06 Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan was officially recognized by the Jakarta EE Steering Committee.

A Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan FAQ has also been created to help clarify aspects of the Release Plan.

Individual Component Release Plans

The key goal of the Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan is to continue the evolution of the Jakarta EE Platform.

Individual component Specification release plans have been developed by the respective Specification projects.

Jakarta EE 11 schedule

Overall schedule dates are tentative and subject to change.

  • Final Jakarta EE 11 release - June/July 2023 completion target

See the Jakarta EE 11 Release Plan for more schedule details.

Jakarta EE 11 Project board

Jakarta EE 11 will track its development progress with an Azure DevOps Board. This board is linked to the numerous GitHub issue trackers of the repositories that comprise the Jakarta EE effort. The issues in the respective GitHub issue trackers are the real system of record. You can think of the Azure Board as a layer on top of the GitHub issue trackers intended to make sense of the various component issue trackers.

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